Customized advice

The use of our products by our customers takes place after giving extensive advice and under continuous supervision of our technical advisers. The aim is to achieve the application that leads to the best and most economical result.

In order to provide the best possible advice, our advisors have the necessary training and tools. They are able to calculate cattle rations or to optimize as much as possible, with the aim to collect milk as much as possible from the roughage ration and to advoid problems such as ketosis. After finishing the calculation, all is summed up in a clear mixing order for the mixer wagon to make sure that always the best ration is made.

Also in the pig and poultry sector, our consultants are your partner. Our goal is to increase the efficiency and to reduce the use of antibiotics by the use of organic alternatives, such as natural betaine, organic acids, yeast products, essential oils, medium chain fatty acids. The development and composition of our products is always based on scientific literature and research.