Our production

Production takes place in our own production facility where we make mixtures based on, inter alia, natural betaine, organic acids, sugar syrup, yeast and yeast derivatives, essential oils, minerals, ….

Jodoco is commited to a clean environment and has therefore committed itself to a safe and eco friendly production. Released vapors are first washed and the washing water and other waste streams are used in a modern biogas installation. After the internal quality control the mixtures are filled and packaged.

Available packaging:

  • 500 ml bottles to 5 L
  • jerrycans 6kg to 30kg
  • Drums of 200 kg
  • IBC of 1000 kg
  • (bulk)

All of our liquid mixtures are produced and packed in our production facility at Tienen. On our site we work in accordance with the standards set by the Federal Agency of the Food Chain Safety (TienenJodoigne) and FCA (ex GMP) (TienenJodoigne). We are also VLOG certified (VLOG).