Jodobet®, the natural source of betaine

Betaine, a plant extract that is extracted from sugar beet.

In the beet, betaine has a osmoregulatory (= water-pressure control) function: thanks to betaine the beet can store large amounts of sugar without bursting. Due to betaine, plants can at the time of drought keep the osmotic pressure (turgor) easier at level  to prevent water evaporation.

Not only in plant cells does betaine has its function, but also when fed to animals, via the feed, betaine has several functions:

  1. Highly efficient replacement of all the added choline chloride as a donor of methyl groups.
  2. Source of glycine and has a sparing effect on methionine in the absence of methyl-donating ability.
  3. Osmoprotectant both at gut level and at cellular level: improved water, feed, additives- and nutrient utilization.
  4. Anti-stress factor: increases the resistance of the intestine against various stress factors such as drought, heat, excess salt/minerals, and similar pathogens.
  5. Protects the liver from fattening and regulates fat and energy metabolism in the body: less fat deposition, more lean growth in swine and more breast meat feed for broilers.